Gk Tax Malda

Gk Tax Malda

আপনার করের চিন্তা আমাদের দায়িত্ব, আমরা আছি আপনার সাথে প্রতিaটি পদক্ষেপে!

Gk Tax Malda

আপনার করের চিন্তা আমাদের দায়িত্ব, আমরা আছি আপনার সাথে প্রতিaটি পদক্ষেপে!

Gk Tax Malda

আপনার করের চিন্তা আমাদের দায়িত্ব, আমরা আছি আপনার সাথে প্রতিটি পদক্ষেপে!

Gst services

GST Registration

Simplify Your Tax Compliance with Expert Solutions

GST registration in India is a critical step for businesses exceeding the prescribed turnover threshold, currently set at Rs. 40 lakh for the supply of goods. The process is conducted online through the GST portal. To start, an applicant needs to provide business details, promoter information, and the principal place of business. Documents required include proof of business constitution, photographs, PAN, Aadhaar, and proof of business address. After successful submission, a Temporary Reference Number (TRN) is generated, which is used to complete the process. Upon verification, the GSTIN is provided. Businesses can also opt for composition schemes during registration if applicable. The process is designed to be user-friendly and can be completed in a step-by-step manner on the GST portal.

GST Filing

Understanding GST Filing

GST Filing is a mandatory process for all businesses registered under the GST regime in India. It’s the mechanism through which businesses declare their tax liabilities and input tax credits, ensuring transparency and compliance with the tax laws of the country.

Navigate through the complexities of GST with our specialized filing services:

Timely reporting of your outward supplies to maintain transparency and compliance.

Auto-drafted summary of inward supplies for effortless reconciliation and ITC claims.

A static monthly statement providing a snapshot of your ITC eligibility, aiding in accurate ITC claims.

A crucial monthly summary return for reporting your tax liabilities and ITC, ensuring compliance with GST norms.

Simplified quarterly return for composition scheme taxpayers, making compliance easier for small businesses.

Auto-generated details for composition dealers, providing a summary of inward supplies.

Specialized return services for non-resident taxable persons operating in India.

Filing services for OIDAR service providers, ensuring compliance with GST regulations for digital services.

Efficient filing of returns for input service distributors, facilitating accurate distribution of ITC.

TDS return filing for those required to deduct tax at source under GST, ensuring adherence to tax deduction norms.

Filing services for e-commerce operators required to collect tax at source (TCS), maintaining compliance with GST regulations.

Annual return filing for regular taxpayers, providing a comprehensive overview of your GST transactions.

Reconciliation statement and audit report for taxpayers with turnover above the prescribed limit, ensuring transparency and accuracy in reporting.

Final return filing services for taxpayers who have canceled their GST registration, ensuring closure of GST compliance.

Filing services for individuals with Unique Identification Number (UIN) claiming a refund on inward supplies.

Quarterly statement filing for composition taxpayers, aiding in the declaration of tax liabilities.

Assistance with GST Practitioner services, helping businesses and individuals with GST compliance.

Specialized services for Goods Transport Agency transactions under GST, ensuring accurate tax reporting.

Assistance with Letter of Undertaking for export and import transactions, enabling smooth international trade under GST.

Additional GST Services

E-Waybill Services

Streamline your goods movement with our E-Waybill generation and compliance services, ensuring hassle-free transportation.


Embrace the future of invoicing with our E-Invoice generation and integration services, enhancing efficiency and compliance in your billing processes.